Digital E-Security and Verification System

As British Cyprus IVF Hospital, we allocate a significant portion of our investments to digitalization. We protect sperm, eggs, and embryos against the risk of mix-up with an advanced software. We currently utilize the most reliable system in the world, developed specifically for our hospital, to prevent any mix-up risks.

Our security system, which includes over 300 matching and verification points, ensures the verification and real-time monitoring of data throughout all stages of treatment. Our meticulously designed system leaves no room for error, providing superior protection for sperm, eggs, and embryos.

The digital system we have developed allows the printing of only one patient's barcode during the procedure. Since it is not possible to print a second patient's barcode before completing the process of the current patient, the risk of mix-up is eliminated.

Our control measures are not limited to the main stages; they are implemented at every step of the procedures. The approval mechanism is different from other systems. It extends beyond barcode-patient matching and involves user approval at various stages. User approval is always carried out by dual users, eliminating any margin for error.

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