British Cyprus IVF

Our Donation Treatment Process

Patients who seek donation treatment at our hospital can either undergo their treatment process on-site or opt for remote monitoring. In both cases, the process follows a similar procedure.

1- Step

First Interview

You have the option to either visit Cyprus for a day or have a free phone consultation for your initial meeting with the doctor.

During the phone call, our doctor will listen to your medical history and expectations. If you have previously undergone any tests or examinations, they will be evaluated. Based on these assessments, our doctor will recommend the most suitable treatment for you and provide information about the process.

2- Step


Patients who will begin treatment in their home country are required to undergo a gynecological examination and send all the tests and examinations they have previously undergone to our hospital. After the tests and examinations are evaluated by our doctors, a personalized treatment program will be created for you. The treatment process and medication dosages will be determined by our doctors based on ultrasound results. If desired, you can also have the treatment process and medication management supervised by a doctor in your current location.

2- Step

Donor Selection

Firstly, we listen to your expectations. Based on your requests, we provide you with the most suitable match. Donor selection is an important step in the treatment process. Thanks to our diverse donor pool consisting of different ethnic backgrounds and extensive health testing, along with our specialized software, we can quickly obtain the most suitable donor. We are the only hospital in Cyprus that performs comprehensive genetic carrier screening tests for conditions such as karyotype, cystic fibrosis, thalassemia, SMA, DMD, Fragile X, and more.

When it comes to sperm donor selection, we exclusively collaborate with certified donor banks operating abroad. You can access our donor selection criteria here.

Treatment Process

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For Egg Donation

If you are in the menopausal period, you can start your treatment at any time. If you are still menstruating, after completing all the necessary tests and screenings, medication for uterine preparation is initiated on the 2nd or 3rd day of your menstrual cycle. If you are not in the menopausal period, a treatment process is planned for egg donation considering the synchronization between the recipient and the donor. The selected donor's treatment starts simultaneously with the recipient's treatment. The donor begins the egg stimulation medication on the 2nd or 3rd day of their menstrual cycle and undergoes an egg retrieval procedure under anesthesia after 12 or 14 days. The donor receives a trigger injection for egg maturation 36 hours before the egg retrieval. On the day of the egg retrieval, the father's sperm is collected for fertilization. The father only needs to be present in Cyprus for the sperm donation process, which can be done on a day trip basis.

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For Sperm Donation

In sperm donation treatment, the recipient undergoes approximately a 2-week (13 or 15 days) medication protocol. The medication for ovarian stimulation begins on the 2nd or 3rd day of the recipient's menstrual cycle, and when the eggs reach the desired size after 12 or 14 days, the egg retrieval procedure is performed.

36 hours before the egg retrieval, the recipient receives a trigger injection for egg maturation. The collected eggs are then fertilized in the laboratory using sperm obtained from the sperm donor. The sperm donor is selected based on the father's physical characteristics and the family's blood type.

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For Embryo Donation

After completing all the necessary tests and examinations, the recipient will begin medication for uterine preparation. Regular check-ups will be scheduled according to the medication protocol to monitor the progress of uterine lining development.

The preparation of the chosen donor's eggs typically takes around 12 to 14 days. Once the donor's eggs are ready, the day for egg retrieval is planned. On the day of egg retrieval, the selected certified sperm is used for microinjection to achieve fertilization.

4- Step

Embryo Transfer

The embryos that have been fertilized are transferred to the uterus of the recipient approximately 4-5 days after the egg retrieval. The transfer procedure is painless and brief, and anesthesia is not required. After a period of rest at our center, you can leave and continue your normal activities. The medications that need to be taken after the transfer will be prescribed and explained to you.

For the donation treatment, a one-week stay in Cyprus is sufficient. This period includes the time from the day of egg retrieval to one day after the transfer. However, as mentioned earlier, for those who prefer and have time constraints, it is enough for the recipient to be present at the center on the day of transfer, and for the male partner, only on the day of OPU (egg retrieval).

5- Step

Expected Moment

You can find out the result of your pregnancy through a Beta HCG test 12 days after the embryo transfer procedure.