Long-established and
Most Equipped In Vitro Fertilization
Hospital in Cyprus

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26 Years of Experience
80,000+ Baby

We are the most equipped IVF hospital with the largest healthy donor pool in Cyprus.

Happiness Stories

With an 83% success rate, we've witnessed countless joyful occasions!

With the British Cyprus IVF Hospital, their dream has come true; now it's your turn!

The Only Hospital with ESHRE Certified Embryologists

We have the largest and most well-equipped embryology laboratory in Cyprus, where state-of-the-art devices are used.

The only hospital in Cyprus, whose embryologists' competence has been proven with the ESHRE certificate, Europe's largest reproductive health organization.  We are the only hospital in Cyprus with this certification.

British Cyprus IVF Hospital;

The Largest
Egg Donor Pool

in Cyprus

We have the widest and healthiest donor pool in Cyprus, consisting of diverse ethnic backgrounds. We track the egg performance of our donors through special software.

With our pool of over 1,000 healthy donors, we provide you with the most suitable match without any waiting time, ensuring the fastest procurement process.

We are the only hospital in Cyprus that screens all egg donors to determine whether they have a detailed genetic carrier disease such as cystic fibrosis, thalasemia, SMA, DMD, FragilX.

E-Security and
Verification System

Thanks to our digital security system with over 300 matching & verification points, we provide superior protection against the risk of interference. 


At British Cyprus IVF Hospital, we allocate a significant portion of our investments to digitization. With our specially designed security software, we ensure 100% protection against the risk of mixing sperm, eggs, and embryos.


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Do not put off starting treatment. Let's schedule your phone call with our doctor, who will assess all of your tests and plan your treatment. It's completely free.

What Should You Consider When Choosing a IVF Center?

We understand how strong the desire to have a baby is. To avoid financial and emotional disappointment while taking steps towards your biggest dream, choosing the right center is of utmost importance. We have listed the points that you should consider and question before starting your treatment.

Your Life Project

With a male partner.

The very best in treatment and care so that, together, we fulfill your goal of becoming parents.

Single motherhood.

A personal choice to become a single mother with the safety of assisted reproduction techniques

With a female partner.

Motherhood is shared by both women from the start:one is the genetic mother and the other is the birth mother


Treatment Abroad
How Does It Work?

Our aim is to make your journey as stress-free and successful as possible. We always strive to meet your clinical needs and preferences as well as to advise and guide you throughout.



Step by Step
Your Treatment Process
in Cyprus

Our top priority is to ensure that you have a flawless treatment process. As the oldest IVF hospital in Cyprus, we utilize our years of experience to plan the most comfortable treatment journey for you. You can obtain more detailed information about the step-by-step process of your treatment.

Why British Cyprus IVF Hospital?


Enjoy Being on the Island

You only need to stay in Cyprus for 6 days during your treatment. After experiencing the wonderful atmosphere and warm climate of the island, you might want to stay longer.


If you wish, we can book your reservation at one of the hotels with which we have a deal. Your transportation to and from the airport and hotel entirely organized by us. The entire process is supported by your patient coordinator, who provides assistance in your native language.