British Cyprus IVF

Cyprus's Oldest and Most Well-Equipped IVF Hospital

As British Cyprus IVF Hospital, with our 27 years of experience in the fields of IVF, donation, and reproductive surgery, we are the oldest and most well-equipped IVF hospital in Cyprus.

Just like in all our departments, we utilize the latest technologies in reproductive medicine in our embryology laboratory. Our high success rates are attributed to this infrastructure and our professional team.

We have the widest pool of healthy donors in Cyprus, consisting of individuals from different ethnic backgrounds who have undergone comprehensive health screenings.

With our success-enhancing technologies and expert team, we make the dreams of thousands of couples come true every year.

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Why British Cyprus IVF Hospital?

The only hospital in Cyprus with an ESHRE-certified embryologist.

We are the only hospital in Cyprus where the competence of our embryologists is proven by the certification from ESHRE, the largest reproductive health organization in Europe.

Collaboration with banks that have only international quality certification.

The tube sperm samples in our bank are sourced exclusively from internationally operating sperm banks that hold international quality certifications.

26 Years of Experience: Over 80,000 Successful Babies

We are the most established hospital in Cyprus dedicated solely to fertility treatments. Over the years, we have created over 80,000 success stories.

Donor Pool with Comprehensive Carrier Disease Screening

Comprehensive screening tests, including genetic carrier disease testing and chromosomal tests, are conducted for all egg donors. They undergo gynecological and psychological evaluations, and suitable donors are accepted based on these assessments.

State-of-the-Art Embryology Laboratory Equipped with the Latest Technology

We have the largest and most advanced embryology laboratory in Cyprus, equipped with state-of-the-art technology.

Digital E-Security and Verification System

With our proprietary digital security system of over 300 matching and verification points, we offer superior protection against interference risks.

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